Thursday, 31 October 2013

Autumn Eyes | Happy Halloween!

I won't bother explaining how I did this look because let's be honest I'm not the expert here. Instead I will leave you with a link to the YouTube tutorial that I followed!

For the last few years I've always dress up for Halloween as something dead. Zombie school girl, zombie doctor, corpse bride, you get the gist. I normally just paint my face white and have some sort of fake blood spilling out of my mouth. Attractive, I know. But this year I've had a change of heart and I decided I wanted to go as something a little more imaginative, and a little bit... cuter! So yep, I'm a deer. Antlers and all.

I'm sure you've all got wonderful plans for Halloween and I'd love to see what you're all going as, so please leave me a link if you've done a similar post!



  1. You look gorgeous as a deer, is that weird to say?! Haha, have a great night.

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  2. Wow you look amazing!! You make a beautiful deer ha!

  3. Beautiful look - so lovely, I'd wear that every day if I could get away with it :o). Xx

  4. This is amazing, you've done this look so well!

    Hayley | Taxi for Jackson x

  5. Absolutely amazing makeup! Looks so flawless and magical! H x

  6. This look is gorgeous! So unique and sweet :)

    Peach Pow XO

  7. You look gorgeous!

  8. LOVE this! Looks amazing and your hair colour is absolutely beaut by the way.

    Katie xx

  9. Such an adorable look! I saw milkteef do the very same tutorial and it's so easy, but so cute! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. Chic-est deer I've ever seen! Your makeup is it!!!!

    Happy Halloween!!


  11. This is so cute though! I love the deer spots :)


  12. So cute, i love the makeup, it totally fits with your hair.

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  13. Love this costume, your makeup is great too!

    Phaze x

  14. this is amazing!! you created the look so well. makes a nice change from all the dead dolls I saw at Halloween haha. xo

  15. Wow this look is flawless! You make a great deer, ha! xx

  16. Stunning!!! I would be a deer everyday if I looked like this :-)

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  18. This is so creative! It looks amazing. I have just followed your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. Having only just joined blogger and started up my own blog, i'm still getting used to how everything works and how to get followers etc. Have you got any advise? Thank you


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