Friday, 27 September 2013

Autumn Eyes | Drama (ft MAC Cranberry & Sketch)

 Products used
MAC 'Cranberry' shadow
MAC 'Sketch' shadow
Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'pomegranate'
No.7 Eyeliner pen
MAC 'New York Apple' lipstick 

Now those are some Autumn eye shadows! Everyone knows MAC Cranberry & Sketch are a gorgeous combination for vampy eyes. I think I first saw this look on Kayleigh from Couture Girl ages ago, and after watching many a Tanya Burr tutorial I felt like it was time to give it a go myself. It's definitely a dramatic eye look, so it's probably best reserved for nights out and festive occasions. Although, if you want to wear strong eyeshadow like this to wander around Tesco, then I won't stand in your way.

I've gone for the bright lip again in this post, so left the rest of my face pretty bare. I kept the lips in with the MAC theme and opted for 'New York Apple' which is a beautiful deep red and paired with Cranberry it's a match made in heaven. The deep, rich colours are so perfect for Autumn and very 'in' right now, if I'm not mistaken! I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'pomegranate' as a base and I kid you not, the eyeshadow stayed put all day. Definitely a good little trick there!  

Oh and please check out my other Autumn Eyes posts and let me know which one is your favourite so far!

Mucho love,


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Outfit | New Look LFW Interview

 (Coat*, New Look. Rings*, New Look. Riding pants, Topshop. Top, River Island. Boots, eBay. Lips, MAC 'Rebel')

New Look were kind enough to invite me to their lovely Refuel Room during London Fashion Week and in the goodie bag they very generously included a £50 voucher to spend online. I chose this beautiful parka coat because I'd tried it on in store recently and fallen in love. It's so comfy and practical with the huge fluffy hood, as well as looking pretty cool too! I'm finally going to have a sensible winter coat to wear this year, so I'm very excited about that. My Dad says it looks like something the Gallagher brothers would wear, not the look I was going for, but I'll take it. I also chose a set of four rings, two of which I'm wearing here. They're all huge, have different shapes and different metals. They're gorgeous, and I do love me some statement rings! I've also answered a few Q&As for New Look all about my experience at fashion week, so if you were interested in finding out a bit more about my day, read on!

1. Which collection were you most excited to see before coming to LFW?
I was most excited about Mulberry and Topshop Unique. And they definitely didn’t disappoint! 

2. Was there a key fashion theme running through this year’s LFW?
Prettiness. Pastels made a big appearance again. Particularly at the Daks show I went to, where the models were sporting lots of pretty peach shades. I think soft shapes and textures were a key theme from a lot of shows. The bright florals from Mary Katrantzou  were a big hit with me though, combining pretty floral patterns with bright acid colours. Gorgeous!

3. So what are the key trends for Autumn Winter?
Texture, texture, and more texture! It’s all about quilted leather, fluffy knits, and metallic accessories this year.   

4. Do you have any tips for making the most out of your time at LFW?
You’ll definitely want to take your camera, but try to limit the rest of the stuff you bring along. By the end of the day my arm was absolutely killing me because I’d insisted on bringing everything but the kitchen sink with me! Another thing I’d say is although you’ll want to document your experience, try to sit back and soak up the atmosphere as much as possible. Of course you’ll want pictures, but I definitely recommend putting the camera down once in a while and seeing it all through your eyes!

5. If you could sit in the front row of with all the celebs, who would you want to sit next to?
Is it just me, or were there some odd celebrities in the frow at some of this year’s shows? I mean, Harry Styles? What does he have to do with fashion?! And as much as I love her, Tanya Burr front row at the Mulberry show? What?! Anyway, I think if I could sit with anyone it would be Kate Moss. She’s such an icon and I just love her!

6. What made you start writing a blog?
I started writing my blog for so many different reasons. I'm an English Lit student so spend a lot of my time reading and writing for that, but I was starting to feel like I don't get a chance to read and write about fun stuff that I'm actually interested in. Creating a blog gave me the chance to do that!

7. Is there any particular celebrity you base your fashion on or would you call your style individual? 
I wouldn't say I particularly base my style on any celebrities, because I get inspiration for style from a lot of other places too. My favourite celebrity style is Shenae Grimes though, I love her!
    8. What would you say are your biggest challenges as a blog owner?

There are many challenges you face as a blogger, but I’d say the biggest one is coming up with original content and standing out from the crowd. When I started my blog I have no idea there was such a vast amount of fashion bloggers already out there. Finding your own in the big scary world of blogging is very difficult, but rewarding when you feel like you’ve accomplished it.

Collaborative post*

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Review | John Frieda Frizz-Ease Collection

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Serum*

I don't know about you, but I like to change up my hair routine a lot. Actually, all the time. I barely ever repurchase shampoos and conditioners as I am constantly on the hunt to try out new things. I'm forever seeking out products that claim to help hair growth, although I don't think I've had all that much luck in that department. If I'm not looking for hair growth products I tend to go for the ones that are aimed at nourishing damaged hair because although I don't think it's actually that damaged, I figure that if my hair is in as good condition as possible it should grow faster, right?

Anyway, I was contacted by someone recently about sending me some John Frieda Frizz-Ease stuff to try out. I've never used these products before, but I've heard good things about the brand, so I jumped at the chance to try them out. Although my hair isn't the frizziest of frizzy, it can be very dry and tricky to tame when first washed. These products claim to be hydrating which is perfect for my hair, particularly the ends, as they really need good conditioning products. 

My first impressions of the shampoo and conditioner? I'll admit I wasn't blown away. As you can see, the packaging is not all that exciting. There's also no wonderful sweet smell that's often what draws me into buying shampoos and conditioners in the first place. So to put it plainly, there's no 'wow factor'. However, after several uses of the products I can definitely say that my hair is feeling a lot glossier and hydrated than it had been, and it's a bit easier to manage as well. So they do a pretty good job, if you ask me.

Out of all three products, I definitely like the hair serum the best. I'm always after a new leave in conditioner or hair oil to run through my ends after washing my hair. The instructions say to actually apply the serum whilst you're still in the shower, but so far I've never remembered to bring it in with me, doh! I admit I tend to comb through my wet hair and then apply a pump or two of the serum to the ends, which seems to be working really well for me! I think this product is great for getting really smooth silky hair if you're like me and have quite brittle ends (or indeed, frizzy), however if you have quite oily hair anyway then I would probably avoid this serum as it will only make the problem worse!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Frizz-Ease collection. I've really enjoyed trying out the products and will definitely continue to use them. I probably won't repurchase the shampoo and conditioner as I feel that although they're very nice, there are plenty of other products on the market that do a similar job!

Catch ya later!

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Outfit | Leather Trousers #1

(Leather trousers, Topshop. Jumper, New Look. Blazer, Topshop. Boots, Next. Clutch, Primark. Necklace, Zara. Rings, H&M. Lips, MAC 'Crosswires')

If you're a loyal follower of my blog, you may remember a while back I wrote a post dedicated to leather trousers. I'd spotted them on Pinterest and soon my obsession with them grew until I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself a pair from Toppers. They arrived and wouldn't you know it, it was one of the hottest days of the year. I tried them on anyway and thought... holy mother what have I done? They were horrendously uncomfortable. I stashed them away in my drawer whilst contemplating whether to give them another go or just send them straight back. A couple of weeks later and here we are, the temperature has dropped, and I'm feeling very glad I held onto them after all.

Well, what an elaborate and unnecessary story that was. But the moral is, leather trousers should always be reserved for chilly Autumn days. I've decided to make yet another little mini series (I do love a series) of different ways I'm styling my leather trousers. Today I've paired them with a slouchy jumper which I bought from New Look a while ago and have basically lived in ever since, and my sparkly ankle boots that I got for Christmas last year. Throw on a boyfriend blazer and a few bold accessories and you're good to go! I can tell this is going to be my staple outfit this A/W. It's comfy, it's stylish, it's a little bit edgy. Just my cuppa tea.    

I just want to add as well that I've recently set up a Facebook page for my little ol' blog. So if you want to give me a like then I'm over at I'm also thinking of making the jump over to YouTube sometime soon. I saw Meg from Wonderful You do a 'Look Book' video recently, which I thought was a really good idea so I might start doing that sort of thing as well. It's just an idea though, so I'll keep you posted.

Keep your eyes pealed for my next styling post! 



Monday, 16 September 2013

London Fashion Week SS14

(Outfit details: Jumper, Topshop. Shorts, River Island. Bag, H&M. Shoes, Next. Vest top, Primark. Necklace, Dorothy Perkins)

On Friday I got up at 6.30 in the morning to leave for London for the day. It was the first time I'd ever been to London on my own and I was meeting a bunch of people that I'd never met before, so it was a bit nerve wracking to say the least! I met up with Alice and Allie at Covent Garden who were absolutely lovely and really took me under their wing for the day, which I really appreciated! We headed straight to the Waldorf Hilton where the New Look Refuel Room was going on. 

The Refuel Room was a lovely place to hang out for the day, with stations where you could get your nails done, or your hair and make up touched up. They provided us with food and refreshments for the day, with a few glasses of champagne here and there. Not to mention the rails of beautiful new collection pieces to browse through. A few of us actually got the chance to choose our favourite pieces and be interviewed for New Look's YouTube channel! Scary!

After a couple of hours at the event myself, Allie, Alice and Sophie headed down to Somerset House. Allie and Sophie had lots of shows to go to but Alice and I were just there to browse around. It was a lot of fun looking at all the beautiful street style, and spotting the models leaving their shows. Not to mention all the photographers asking to take your photo. Having several cameras pointed in your direction is pretty crazy!  

As we were wandering around we were asked to come in to the Daks show, which was an absolute dream come true (cheesy, I know!) Sitting amongst journalists and fashionistas alike to watch an actual fashion show was the highlight of the day. Somebody pinch me! Afterwards we headed back to the Refuel Room for a few more glasses of champagne and a chance to sit down! By this point my bag was getting really heavy and I was getting starting to feel pretty exhausted. But, we soldiered on and Alice and I headed to Bond Street where another event was going on at Forever 21. 

It was a hectic but amazing day! It was lovely to finally meet some other blog girls and I'm so glad I had the courage to go because it was absolutely incredible! (Have I said that enough?!) I'm sorry this post has been a bit long but I wanted to write down every detail for myself to look back on. 

Here's a few photos I took of some fab street style looks... (And a couple from the Daks show at the end!)  

Thank you to Alice for taking the pictures of me, and
thank you New Look for inviting me to your Refuel Room!

PS. I've finally made a Facebook page, and I'd really appreciate a like or two! 


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Autumn Eyes | Apple Pie (ft MAC Sumptuous Olive & All That Glitters)

Products used:
MAC 'Sumptuous Olive'
MAC 'All That Glitters'
Maybelline gel eye liner
Maybelline 'The Falsies' Mascara
Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Foundation
Collection 'Lasting Perfection' Concealer
Benefit Brow Zings
Revlon 'Cherries in the Snow' Lipstick 

Hey there! Welcome back to my Autumn Eyes series. This time it's Apple Pie! I bought MAC 'Sumptuous Olive' a while ago because I'd seen loads of swatches all over the internet and while it looked like a really gorgeous colour, it was also a step away from my 'neutral' comfort zone. For this look I paired it with the ever popular 'All That Glitters' which is a sort of glittery gold colour. I really think they're the perfect pair!

I didn't know what sort of lip colour would go with this eye look so I literally tipped my make up bag upside down and looked through my entire collection. I headed straight to Revlon 'Cherries in the Snow' which is a very bright pink, as you can probably tell. I had no intention of pairing my dramatic eyeshadow with such a bright lip but I think it actually works pretty well! As I opted for a bold eye AND lip, I've kept the cheeks bare. I think lips, cheeks AND eyes can look a bit too over the top. Do you agree?

I hope you like my latest Autumn Eyes look. I'm really enjoying making this little series. It gives me an excuse to watch YouTube make up tutorials all day and make new purchases for my MAC palette, which is always a bonus.

Don't forget I'm holding a giveaway for a £40 TOPSHOP voucher! Enter here.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

LFW Essentials!

LFW Essentials

So, you'll never guess where I'm headed on Friday?? YES you got it, London Fashion Week! The event I'm going to is hosted by New Look and I know a few other bloggers who are going so I'll get to meet them which is so exciting. I'll be heading to London on my own(!!!) for the first time ever, which is slightly intimidating. However, I know being right in the thick of LFW will be an incredible experience, and definitely worth all the worry of outfit planning and traveling alone!

I spent some time trying to decide what bag to take. I mean, do people take clutch bags to fashion week? Or big bags? Obviously I think a lot of people will be wandering around with beautiful, teensy little clutches, but that's really not going to be practical for me. I know, I know. Fashion week isn't about being practical. But if you look at all the necessities I'm going to be taking with me, I think you'll understand.

Of course I'll need my camera. I'm sure Friday is going to be absolutely saturated with inspiration, and I'm going to want to document it! Although I'm not wearing huge heels on the day, I am bringing some flat shoes with me to pop on in case my feet start to hurt. There's nothing worse than being on your feet all day in uncomfortable shoes. Gotta be prepared! I'll be taking a magazine or two for the train journeys (they're about 2 hours each way!) and my phone for any Instagram moments. A couple of extra things I might need are an umbrella and sunglasses, because who knows what the British weather might do! And lastly, a travel make up bag. It's going to be a long day, so I want to make sure I look relatively presentable for the majority of it! 

Are any of you going to be at the New Look Refuel Room event? I can't wait to finally meet some of my bloggy friends. If you do see me wandering around like a lost puppy then please come and say hello, I'll really appreciate it, and I really want to meet some of you!  


Monday, 9 September 2013

Giveaway | Win a £40 Topshop Voucher!

Hello beautiful people! So I started my little blog back in January and since then I've had such an overwhelming amount of support from my close family and friends, as well as an influx of hundreds of followers from all over the world! I started writing on here for several reasons, but I never realised it would become such a big part of my life and open so many exciting doors for me! 

As a way of saying a HUGE thank you to everyone that supports me, I've decided to host a giveaway for you. I was contacted by the lovely people at Appliances Online who have offered me a £40 Topshop voucher to give to one of my wonderful readers. As you probably know, I'm a huge Topshop fan (and I know a lot of you guys are too!) so I thought this would be the perfect prize! 

The Rules!

- The prize will be given in GBP so you need to be able to use the UK website if you win!
- Because I know I have a loyal following from non bloggers, the only mandatory requirement is that you follow my Twitter account. Of course, if you complete the other entries as well you will increase your chances of winning.
- The giveaway is running for three weeks.
- Don't forget to leave me a comment with your email address so I can let you know if you've won!

Oh and here's a few things that I'm lusting after at Topshop at the moment.... 

Topshop Wishlist

Thanks again to Appliances Online for offering such a generous prize!


Friday, 6 September 2013

Review | Lush Hair Extensions!


Lush Hair Extensions*
Ultimate full head set
Length 20"
Colour #8

You may or may not know that I have been trying to grow my hair for probably over a year now. On my 18th Birthday I had a drastic hair cut and a few months later I had even more lopped off (somebody tell me what I was thinking?) Anyway, after several weeks of loving my new short hair, I wanted my old long locks back. Since then I've tried every product under the sun that claims to help hair growth, but unfortunately I've been pretty unimpressed so far. 

I've thought about the idea of clip-in extensions several times over the past year or so. I even went so far as to order some a few months ago from an online company but was told a few days later that the set I'd ordered was in fact out of stock, so I just got my money back and forgot about the idea for a while. However, when a lovely lady from Lush Hair Extensions got in touch with me a few weeks ago about perhaps reviewing a set on my blog, I got very excited. First of all, the woman who contacted me was an absolute star when it came to finding the right set for me. I don't have the easiest hair colour to match up, but in the end I got sent a beautiful set that I'm over the moon with!

The website has a huge variety of colours and of course they're all 100% human hair so you can easily style them to blend in nicely with your own hair. My hair is not particularly short anymore and so I wanted a fairly long set, but they sell a range of different lengths to suit you. Also, they're lovely and thick so you don't have to worry about them looking thin at the ends like some of the synthetic ones do.  

So, the verdict. Am I happy with my extensions? Yes! They're really easy to use (I followed Leanne Lim-Walker's YouTube video to learn how to apply them properly!) and they're pretty comfortable to wear. Although I don't think I'll be wearing them on a daily basis, I'm so happy to have some lovely long locks to wear on special occasions, and on days where I feel like making a little more effort! 

Have any of you tried Lush Hair Extensions before? Do you have any tips for making the most of them? 

Let me know what you think of my awesome new hair! 


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