Friday, 26 April 2013

Printed trousers & bargain shoes

(Printed slacks, New Look. Crop top, New Look. Heels, tReds. Necklace, Primark.)

Do you ever get an idea of an item of clothing that you want, and then nothing that you see meets the image you have in your head and you end up being really fussy and picky and never finding it and getting really upset?


I do. And I have had an image of the printed trousers that I've wanted in my head for ages and I was very nearly giving up on my dream, when I found these beauties! I wanted some casual slacks with a pretty print and in a lightweight fabric for summer. And seriously, I couldn't find any. I think I was being quite fussy about the print because I'm not that into atzec and I didn't want anything too bright or OTT because I knew I'd never wear it. But I also wanted them to be the sort of trousers I could slob around in, wear to the beach, wear on holiday but also wear on nights out and during the day. So I guess I was being a bit ambitious. But, lo and behold, when I was in Fareham for an interview the other day (for an internship, which I got by the way) I thought I'd have a wander around New Look because it is HUGE in that shopping centre, and I found my perfect summer slacks. 

They're high waisted, skinny, and a dark blue colour with a subtle blue and white pattern. This makes them really flattering and easy to wear. Hooray! So for their first outing I paired them with a plain white crop top and a studded necklace and I actually also wore my leather jacket and some black heeled ankle boots because it was not particular warm at the time. Just goes to show how versatile they are. Although some fashionably impaired people (ahem, boys) did mention that they thought they looked like pyjamas. Which, I guess they do. But that just makes me love them even more.

Right - before I go. I just have to tell you about the shoes. I've been lusting over a similar pair from Jeffrey Campbell for what seems like forever but, alas, being a poor student I just cannot justify spending over £100 on a pair of heels. So, when I found out about these from the lovely IslayI basically died. They were £5. £4.99 actually. Yes you read that right, you haven't gone mad! They were a fiver. I was in love. To be honest I wasn't expecting much seeing as they were so cheap but I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived because they really are lovely! The only thing is that the heel is a bit plastic-y. But for £5 I am not going to complain.

Do you have an image of something in your head that you're looking for at the moment? 
Are you super jealous of my bargain of the century? ;)
Let me know!



  1. I love trousers like that at the moment, so gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations on your interview!

    These trousers are amazing! And...5 quid! Seriously?!

  3. I ALWAYS make up things in my head and sometimes it takes me years to find them so I can relate! Who doesn't love printed trousers? ;)

    Those shoes are the bargain of the century!


  4. I love the pants! I wish I could find some printed trousers that don't make me look like I'm A. wearing MC Hammer pants or b. wearing pyjamas lol


  5. Ah I hate when that happens but also so much better when you do find what you want! So glad you found these pants because they look fantastic on you and I love love love how you've styled them! And those shoes are so very gorgeous!

  6. Bargain shoes <3 Cant believe they were a fiver! xx

  7. Those shoes are beautiful! X


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