Monday, 22 April 2013

Peach schnapps

Peach shoes summer dress outfit

(Dress, Topshop. Shoes, New Look. Necklace, New Look.)

Okay so I have been trying really hard recently to inject some colour into my wardrobe and it's been a bit of a challenge because colour is not something that comes very naturally to me (I'm a vampire at heart). I'm drawn to black clothes and sometimes, just sometimes, I might go all out and wear something grey. Crazy! I know. But one day I decided that as fabulous as I thought I looked in black and grey, it was time to mix it up a bit. So recently I've been wearing all sorts of crazy colours! Red, mustardcobalt blue, and today... peach! Hooray! Although, yes granted I am wearing a grey dress with black tights and the colour only surfaces in the shoes. But that still counts, right? 

I'm actually getting really excited about the warmish weather. This morning I walked outside in my pyjamas (don't judge me) to quickly move my car and I was bracing myself for a chill as I walked out the door, but then... nothing! It was positively mild. Plus last night I started looking at holidays online and that got me thinking about hotels and pools, which then got me thinking about bikinis and straw hats... and cocktails... and yeah I think I'm a bit excited for summer. Bring it on!

Have you guys got anything exciting planned for the summer? 




  1. You look gorgeous, love those shoes so much and I need a dress like this in my life!! x

  2. HELLO LEGS! you look bloody amazing woman, and well done on injecting some colour, I can appreciate your struggle haha xx

  3. Absolutely loving the shoes & dress. I just bought a similar doll skater dress in peach from Karma Clothing. Can't wait to style it after reading your post ! <3 x

  4. Gorgeous outfit, love the pretty peach shoes x

  5. those shoes are fierce!!x

  6. You have legs for days! I love skater dresses, the shoes add a perfect pop of colour.


  7. Such a pretty dress! I've wanted this for ages and now you have convinced me even more to get it :)

    Pastel Bokeh

  8. I can not even believe them shoes are from New Look, they are gorgeous.. How much were they? and are they a recent purchase? xx

  9. your shoes are so cool!!! I love the colour- lovely outfit xxx

  10. those shoes are so cute! love your outfit :) and your legs look amazee!! x

  11. I love black too but Colour makes me happy, I need it my life! Love the pop of peach, I love when people use colour in shoes! x

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  13. Don't know what happened to my last comment! Ooops!

    Oh! Cute!
    Love the splash of colour!
    And that dress looks so wearable!


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