Thursday, 14 February 2013

Raccoon hat, etc

(Jacket, River Island. Jumper, H&M. Tshirt, Miss Selfridge. Jeans, Miss Selfridge. Boots, River Island. Hat, Primark)

Recently I read an article on the Guardian website in which the writer proclaimed that grown women wearing animal hats outrages her. Yep. Outrage. And she goes ahead and tells us to 'just buy a normal hat, buy some normal gloves and most of all... grow up.'

How rude.

Why should I wear a 'normal' hat?! And conform to what society considers to be 'normal' anyway? If I want to wear a super cool - and equally ridiculous - hat that looks like a raccoon then that is exactly what I shall do!

I probably don't expect to be taken seriously whilst wearing the hat, and obviously wouldn't wear it to work or to an interview. But, come on, what's wrong with having a little fun with fashion? That's the whole point, right?

Well anyway, today I will be wearing my raccoon hat with pride. And with my immature accessory I will be pairing a simple outfit. Skinny jeans, T Shirt, and leather jacket. This is my staple outfit and I wear it pretty much every day. I bought this jumper a few days ago and I'm going crazy over the colour. I'd normally wear it with black jeans but they're in the wash at the moment. So I've gone a bit blue-mad today. I think it works though.

I'm also wearing my new bright red apocalips 'lip lacquer' in 'Big Bang'. Normally I go straight for pink lip colours and so don't think I've actually ever owned a red one before. It's a bit 'out there' but yeah, I like it.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a great Valentine's day and I think we should all take a stand against this crazy woman at the Guardian and wear our totally awesome animal hats today! YOLO and all that!




  1. He he - this hat is so playful :)

    New beauty post up if you would like to take a look please. Thanks! :)



    1. Thanks! That's what I like about it! :)


  2. Your hat is soo cute :) ♥

  3. That hat is amazing! If you are brought to outrage by a hat then I think I would question your emotional resilience, it's headwear for gawd's sake! I LOVE the raccooon hat, you should wear it with pride! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  4. Ofcourse you shouldn't wear a 'normal' hat! What would be the point when this one is cool and looks dam cosy too! It's practical if anything Xx

    1. Hahaha thanks! You're so right it's warm and practical :)



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