Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review: KM Colour Bug

I have never really been one for experimenting with hair colour. Mainly due to the fact that I love my natural ginge so much! When I was younger I tried to dye it blonde which just didn't work, and I used to add highlights to it for a year or so to make it more summery. But to be honest I've never wanted to stray very far from my natural colour. (Also I think my Mum would die if I got rid of it!)

When ombre came into fashion I kinda got a little excited and decided to bleach the ends of my hair in a dip dye sort of fashion. I loved it. It made my hair look like foxtails which I thought was super cute. This was good for me because it meant I could have a bit of a change without anything too drastic! However, after a while it started to fade and there was only so much peroxide my ends could take so I decided to give that look a bit of a break. 

However, I still hadn't quite satisfied my need for hair rebellion and so I took a fancy to some cheap semi permanent, very brightly coloured dyes that I found in one of those shops that sell a mixture of Tshirts, bongs and piercings. You know the kind of shop I mean. Anyway first I tried bright pink, then I tried a purply/blue colour, and one of my friends has just discovered that when mixing them with a lot of conditioner you can create pastel colours too (pretty cool, huh?!). It was pretty fun experimenting with brightly coloured dye (I only ever dyed sections of my hair, not the whole thing) but after a while I would get bored of the colour and have to wait for it to fade before switching it with a different one, which got pretty tiresome.

In the end I was so close to giving up on the whole thing when suddenly, a miracle happened. I can't remember how I first came across Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs but it was a very exciting day. I asked my lovely boyfriend if he'd buy me one for Christmas and, of course, he obliged. So a couple of weeks went by and, hey presto, the ultimate hair colour experimenting tool was finally in my hands!

I haven't experimented with it much yet, but my first attempt turned out pretty well, and I'm really excited about how ridiculously easy it is to actually do! I found this video on youtube of how exactly to apply the colour bug to get the best results, and with a little bit of hairspray and a fair bit of mess (it went ALL over my hands), the left section of my hair was bright purple within a couple of minutes! (As you can probably tell, I'm really excited about this).

I chose the purple one because I thought it would look best with my hair colour, and I originally planned to go all round the bottom half of my hair, but decided it looked pretty good just half done, so that's how I've left it for now.

And the best part is.. it washes straight out! Now I can have purple hair whenever I feel like it (which is probably going to be often) and I don't have to worry about damaging my hair or getting bored of the colour. The only thing is I wouldn't suggest wearing your favourite white shirt whist your hair is in it's current colourful state due to the fact that it will probably run (especially if you go out into the rain). Also if you sleep with it in it will probably end up all over your face / pillow case.

But who cares! This product is amazing. So you should all go out and buy one now if, like me, you want to experiment with hair colour, but don't want anything too drastic or permanent.

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  1. Ooooooooooo I really want to try this! as i have dark hair its really hard to get any colour through it so I am trying everything I can (without having to bleach it) :) lovely blog, following! x


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