Monday, 28 January 2013

My month on Instagram... January

Right. So I realise that it's not quite the end of January yet. But, I have a few blog post ideas which still need a little time and I wanted to blog something in between, so this is it.

January always seems to go on forever in my opinion. The excitement of Christmas is over, everyone's spent all their money and the cold weather is bringing everyone down. It just seems to drag. But my absolute favourite day during January (which just happens to be today) is the 28th. Also known as pay day! I, like many people who work in retail, worked a lot over Christmas. This can be annoying as I'd much rather be at home drinking mulled wine and opening presents with my family than serving grumpy customers, but it all seems worth it when I wake up on the morning of the 28th with a pretty exciting pay cheque.

I decided this year that I wanted to buy myself something substantial with my money, and not just flitter it away on clothes and magazines. So I decided to buy myself an iPad! Now, I've been ridiculously excited about this all month and now that I finally have it, I can tell I'm going to be glued to it. I was very specific that I wanted it to be white, to match my iPhone. And I'm even considering buying them matching cases if I see any I like! (Is that sad?) Anyway, this is my first ever blog post comprised on my beautiful new iPad, so we shall see how it goes.

Here is a look at my January through the eyes of Instagram:

My raccoon hat (Primark, £6)

New watch (River Island, £28)

Walk in the snow. 

My view from the treadmill! Not bad.

My clever little way of displaying necklaces, egg cups!

Snow man me and my boyfriend made! We called him Chilly Bob.

Clubbing at Tiger Tiger with my housemates!

New belly bar, so cute! (Argos, £9.99)

Hot chocolate from my all time favourite place, the Garage Lounge.

The retro ice cream van outside Jamie's Italian.

New leopard bedding that makes my room look like Hugh Hefner's pad. (ASDA, £11)

Cross tights from ASOS.


Took advantage of the 25% student discount ASOS were offering the other day and bought this beautiful tribal print midi dress!

Chilling in my new heels.

My Kevin Murphy colour bugged hair.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see more pictures as and when I upload them! 

My username is: @sarah_nunn


Friday, 25 January 2013

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable

LOOK at that pout. Move over Keira Knightley!

Is anyone else getting really fed up with winter now? Now that Christmas is over and we've had our obligatory week of 'snow panic', this bitter cold weather is boring and I'm ready for summer again. One of the (many) downsides of winter - and possibly the most frustrating - is the significant lack of day light. Once I've been to uni or work by the time I get home and want to take pictures, the sun's gone in for the night and it's too dark. Grr!

Yesterday I headed into boots to buy a new eyeliner ready for my night out, and I was mooching around the make-up counter and came across this Revlon lip balm / stain. It was only £7.99 and - being the serial impulse buyer that I am - I snapped it up straight away. There was a picture of Emma Stone wearing the 'lovesick passionee' shade which I thought looked pretty great, so chose that one. It's a beautiful bright shade of pink, which I thought would help cheer me up of my winter blues. And it did the job perfectly.

The great thing about this lip stain is that it's a balm as well. This means it's super moisturising and not too thick, but still gives a bright pop of colour that lasts for such a long time! Winner winner, chicken dinner.

It comes in the shape of a fat pencil, kind of like Clinique's chubby sticks (which I also love). And there are so many pretty shades to choose from, some bright like the one I chose, and others more subtle and versatile.

I wore it last night when I went clubbing. I originally intended to wear a bright red playsuit, but immediately changed my mind when I bought this very pink lip colour. Does anyone else base their outfits around their make-up?! Anyway it lasted all night, I think I only reapplied it once but could probably have got away without reapplying at all! The only problem was, being as under the influence of alcohol as I was when I got in, I crashed on my bed before I got the chance to remove my make-up properly. (I know, I'm a terrible person.) This meant when I woke up I had a bit of a nightmare getting rid of my lovely pink lips before my uni lecture. Being a lip stain, it did exactly what it says on the tin. Stained my lips.

Anyway! It's a fantastic product and one of the most successful impulse buys I've had in quite a while. So I definitely recommend.



Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Current obsessions: Gold

(All pictures found on Pinterest)

Hey there! 

So recently my Dad introduced me to Pinterest. I mean, I had heard of it before, but he convinced me to get an account and start using it. To say the least, I am now completely obsessed with it. The first night of using it I 'repinned' (Pinterest jargon) over 100 pictures onto my various 'pin boards'. I then convinced one of my friends to get it as well, and we spent the entire next evening sat on our laptops using this amazing new website we'd discovered! Yeah. I realise spending two whole nights on Pinterest is quite sad. Oh well.

I have realised recently (due to my new Pinterest obsession) that I seem to be pretty drawn to gold, sparkly things. Particularly things that aren't supposed to be gold and sparkly, ie twigs! I think it was a bit of a Christmas inspired trend that I've only just caught onto. But seriously, how cute are those honey bottles painted with gold leaf?! Everything looks prettier, more expensive, and more decorative when it's painted gold. Which is kinda my style. Where normally I'm in love with black and white patterns, I must be in a party mood because I'm now getting crazy excited over gold and white patterns instead. Like those sharpie mugs. Amazing.   

I might need to create an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this new trend. And I definitely think I need to invest in a can of gold spray paint. I'm not sure what I want to paint yet. But I'll think of something I'm sure...

Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear some of your current obsessions?!


Monday, 21 January 2013

Le Fric C'est Chic...

(Hat, Topshop. Blazer, Topshop. Denim, Miss Selfridge. Boots, Next. Bag, Zara. Tshirt, Zara.)

Welcome to my second ever outfit post! I would like to take this time to apologise for my face. My wonderful friend Amanda took these photos (thank you very much Amanda) and so obviously no serious faces were going to be pulled. Even had to crop one of them. It was that bad.

So today I had a lunch date with my fabulous friend Esmeralda (who is also a new blogger) in Jamie's Italian. It's, like, so fancy. And we both wore hats. Awesome. I had the honeycomb cannelloni, with spinach and riccotta, pumpkin, and aubergine fillings. Like I said. Fancy. 

Anyway, back to the outfit. I bought this T shirt in Zara in Oxford street last month. It was getting to the end of the day and I hadn't bought very much at all so I just picked it up and threw it in my basket. Anyway it's turned out to be my all time favourite T shirt. And I wear it all the time. Far too much really. Funny how things like that happen, huh?

I paired it with my staple skinnies, a black blazer and my b-e-a-utiful sparkly boots that my Muma bought for me for Christmas (I'm in love with them). I finished off the look with my fringe bag and a bowler hat (and of course a big coat. I'm not crazy, promise). 

I bought this hat a little while ago after umm-ing and aah-ing about it for ages. I love how some people can pull off hats with every outfit and make it look effortless and cool. I, however, have a slight phobia of hats as I feel like I look a little OTT. In the end I took the plunge and bought this one from Topshop. I've worn it on several nights out and, yeah, I love it. I'm still not entirely confident enough to wear it during the day very much though, but I'm getting there.

Oh, and my T shirt comes ready prepared with a built in necklace (is there anything it doesn't do??!) so I didn't really feel the need to wear much jewellery, just my cute little bunny earrings from Miss Selfridge. Plus I still have leopard nails at the moment, so they liven up any outfit. 

Hope you enjoyed my casual lunch date outfit!



Thursday, 17 January 2013

Review: Kiss Nail Wraps

Okay so Kiss Nail Wraps are basically the greatest thing known to man kind. This may be a slight exaggeration. But I'm ever so slightly excited about them, and if you're anything like me, you'll be excited too. 

I buy these nail wraps from my local ASDA, and they cost around £5. And believe me, it's money well spent. They are basically just stickers in the shape of nails that come in various different pretty patterns and designs. You stick them on your nail, then file off the excess. Easy peasy! It literally takes 5 minutes.. plus you don't have to wait for them to dry! So much better than nail varnish! They say on the packet that they last up to 10 days, but I've kept mine on for a couple of weeks before and they've been fine. Oh and they even come with their own mini nail file. Perfect!

So this time round I chose leopard print, because I'm in a bit of a leopard print mood at the moment. (I recently bought leopard bed sheets, which kind of make my room look like a sleazy bachelor pad, which I love). But in the past I've had sparkly ones, colourful ones, flowery ones, etc. And they've all been amazing. One of my housemates has a blind hatred for animal print, so I know he'll think my nails look awful. But he's a boy. And what do boys know, right?

If you're anything like my fellow blogger Islay, then you won't need these magical tools to create beautiful nails. (She's amazingly talented, it's crazy). But if you're far less artistic, like myself, then you'll understand the greatness of these creations. My Nan saw me applying a set a couple of weeks ago and now even she wants some! (She's the coolest Nan ever).   

Anyway, here are a couple of bad quality phone pictures so you can see the end result...

(Yes that's a raccoon hat I'm wearing. Primark, £6. 'Cause I knew you'd ask)

And here are a couple of old Instagram pictures of nail wraps I've used in the past...

Well this turned out to be not so much a review of a product as it was a general gush about how much I love them.

Thanks for reading anyway!



Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Recent shopping haul...

(Dress, New Look. Necklace, Primark. Watch, River Island. Make up bag, Cath Kidston. Glasses case, Cath Kidston. Shoes, River Island. Bag, Zara.)

I'm just writing this quick post to show off all my new goodies that I've bought recently. If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably already seen most of this. If you don't follow me on Instagram then why ever not?? (@sarah_nunn). I haven't done much January sale shopping this year to be honest because I sort of ran out of money after New Year (sad face), but I have acquired a few lovely things over the last couple of weeks which is always nice, and here they are! 

As you can tell from the first picture I have a slightly concerning obsession with black. I don't know why but I always find myself drawn to black clothes and accessories. I think I suit black. When buying dresses I find it difficult to steer away from it because I like classic styles which can be worn throughout various seasons which means that patterns and loud colours are usually off the table. Last year I made a New Years resolution to wear less black, but that didn't really happen and I'm not particularly ashamed about it as I have learned to embrace it instead! Anyway. I don't know why I felt the need to explain myself, but there you go.

Over the last few months I've been through a bit of a shopping transition (if that's a thing?) I used to constantly buy new dresses or outfits for nights out, and leave little to no money left for accessories and make up and other little bits and pieces. Recently I've learnt to enjoy the little things, like a new make up bag and few pieces of jewellery. And so since then I've stopped buying new dresses for every night out, and I've been buying 'little and often' if you know what I mean. 

These little patterned beauties I'm sure you will recognise straight away as Cath Kidston (not to mention they've still got the labels on). I've never been as into Cath Kidston as everybody else has, but I wandered in there today and couldn't resist this little make up bag and glasses case... even though I've lost my glasses at the moment... oh well. I got some expensive make up for Christmas and so I definitely needed a new place to store them all as they are much too good for the free gift bag in which they are sitting at the moment.

These are my new best friends. I spoke about them briefly in my recent outfit post in which I told you about their horribly steep incline. (We have a love / hate relationship). Anyway they were £20 in the River Island sale and I'd been lusting after them for a little while so I am still very excited about this recent purchase (yay!) I am also always very drawn to black heels. Probably because I'm under the impression that I'll be able to wear them with everything. Which I can and I do. Win win.

Another River Island purchase. This watch cost more than the shoes. I'm not ashamed about that though because I think it's a pretty good alternative to the Michael Kors that I'm desperately seeking which is probably about ten times the price of this. Kerching!

Finally my Zara bag. I saw this in the Zara in Covent Garden but decided not to buy it because I wanted to look around a bit first. When I eventually decided I definitely wanted the bag it was absolutely nowhere to be seen in any of the four Zaras in Oxford Street. Yes. We looked through FOUR Zaras. So I came home empty handed, but it wasn't all bad because after Christmas I ordered it online and it had been reduced by a couple of pounds. So it was meant to be after all! I basically fell in love with this bag because it's black because it's B-E-A-UTIFUL. I mean, who doesn't love fringing???

So there you have it, a sneak peak into my recent shopping haul. 



Monday, 14 January 2013

New hobbies...


I was talking to my Mum over the weekend about various aspects of my life, and I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer consider walking round Topshop and getting drunk on student nights at HB as 'hobbies'. Although in fairness I am juggling full time education and part time work at the moment, I still don't think it's acceptable to spend all the free time I have watching the Lost box set (it's ridiculously addictive) and lazing around in bed. This lack of interesting hobbies is what inspired several of my new years resolutions. So, amongst joining the gym and creating this blog I have also decided to take up knitting. Yes! You heard me right. Knitting! I wanted a way to channel some of my creativity but didn't want anything too time consuming or strenuous. (If anything is too much effort then I know I won't do it. Just being realistic). So knitting is basically perfect because I can still laze around in bed and watch Lost but at the same time do something productive and fun! 

By the way I hope you all like scarves because that's what you'll be getting for your birthdays from now on.

So I spent my morning wandering round Hobby Craft looking through their many many aisles of different coloured wool. There was a lot more than I thought there was going to be, and picking out which ones I wanted was really difficult because I'm a very fussy, indecisive person. But! I did eventually choose some and now I'm really excited about starting my first project...

Luckily for me I happen to know the biggest knitting pro in the world. Yep. My Nan! Now you may think that all Nan's are knitting pros, but seriously, my Nan is basically the queen of knitting. So I'm hoping that she's going to help me get started because although I know the basics of how to knit a scarf, I'd possibly like to learn to follow patterns as well so that I don't get bored! Finding something to share with my Nan is important to me at the moment, and hopefully we'll be able to spend some time together with my new hobby. So knitting is clearly a win win! 

Maybe I'll share with you some of my (what I'm sure will be) fabulous creations in the near future!

Does anyone else have any interesting hobbies you're starting this year?!


Thanks for reading!


Friday, 11 January 2013

Cigarette pants and party shoes...

(Trousers, Topshop. Vest, River Island. Jacket, Topshop. Bag, Primark. Necklace, Accessorize. Shoes, River Island.)

Okay. Unfortunately I've left my tripod at my parents house. That means that for now you'll have to put up with annoying mirror photos because I have also left the remote control for my camera at home, which means I have to keep going backwards and forwards to put the self timer on. Which just isn't going to happen.

Also, how much do you love my yellow walls huh?! #studentliving

Anyway! This is my first official outfit post. I wore this on a night out a few days ago, but no (flattering) pictures were taken and so I decided to throw it back on this morning and take a few snaps for ya'll instead! 

It's January at the moment (in case you hadn't noticed) which means it's cold. Very cold. Far too cold for short skirts and dresses which are my usual night out staples. So over the winter I've opted for these a-maz-ing cigarette trousers from Topshop. I'm basically in love with them because they keep me lovely and warm on nights out (plus it means I don't have to shave my legs, ha!). So I definitely recommend getting yourself a pair, I may actually invest in some with a different pattern...

I paired them with a black studded vest that I bought in River Island a while ago and my beautiful new sparkly party shoes that I got in the RI sale! (£20!!) Plus I threw on my new leather jacket to protect my arms from the January night chill. I basically do this with any outfit for this purpose, as it's so beautiful. And you can't go wrong with leather. I also wore a very deep purple lipstick with this outfit the other night, mainly because I got soap in my eye an hour before we left which was so painful! And meant I couldn't do my eye make up properly, so I settled for a statement lippy instead. (Topshop's lip crayon in 'suspect', to be exact).

One last thing, I've got to say that although I love my new shoes, they have the steepest incline! I always think that the height of the heel doesn't determine how easy they are to walk in at all. The important thing is how steep the incline is, because you can wear seven inch heels with a huge platform and they'll be as comfy as walking in flats! But heels with no platform at all are the killers as they make the arch of your feet ache! Which is no fun at all. 

But no pain no gain, right?!

Hope you enjoyed my first outfit post. I promise the quality of the photos will get better. I haven't used my real camera in a long time and one of the reasons I started this blog was to give me an excuse to get back into using it!  So I just need a little practice. 



Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review: KM Colour Bug

I have never really been one for experimenting with hair colour. Mainly due to the fact that I love my natural ginge so much! When I was younger I tried to dye it blonde which just didn't work, and I used to add highlights to it for a year or so to make it more summery. But to be honest I've never wanted to stray very far from my natural colour. (Also I think my Mum would die if I got rid of it!)

When ombre came into fashion I kinda got a little excited and decided to bleach the ends of my hair in a dip dye sort of fashion. I loved it. It made my hair look like foxtails which I thought was super cute. This was good for me because it meant I could have a bit of a change without anything too drastic! However, after a while it started to fade and there was only so much peroxide my ends could take so I decided to give that look a bit of a break. 

However, I still hadn't quite satisfied my need for hair rebellion and so I took a fancy to some cheap semi permanent, very brightly coloured dyes that I found in one of those shops that sell a mixture of Tshirts, bongs and piercings. You know the kind of shop I mean. Anyway first I tried bright pink, then I tried a purply/blue colour, and one of my friends has just discovered that when mixing them with a lot of conditioner you can create pastel colours too (pretty cool, huh?!). It was pretty fun experimenting with brightly coloured dye (I only ever dyed sections of my hair, not the whole thing) but after a while I would get bored of the colour and have to wait for it to fade before switching it with a different one, which got pretty tiresome.

In the end I was so close to giving up on the whole thing when suddenly, a miracle happened. I can't remember how I first came across Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs but it was a very exciting day. I asked my lovely boyfriend if he'd buy me one for Christmas and, of course, he obliged. So a couple of weeks went by and, hey presto, the ultimate hair colour experimenting tool was finally in my hands!

I haven't experimented with it much yet, but my first attempt turned out pretty well, and I'm really excited about how ridiculously easy it is to actually do! I found this video on youtube of how exactly to apply the colour bug to get the best results, and with a little bit of hairspray and a fair bit of mess (it went ALL over my hands), the left section of my hair was bright purple within a couple of minutes! (As you can probably tell, I'm really excited about this).

I chose the purple one because I thought it would look best with my hair colour, and I originally planned to go all round the bottom half of my hair, but decided it looked pretty good just half done, so that's how I've left it for now.

And the best part is.. it washes straight out! Now I can have purple hair whenever I feel like it (which is probably going to be often) and I don't have to worry about damaging my hair or getting bored of the colour. The only thing is I wouldn't suggest wearing your favourite white shirt whist your hair is in it's current colourful state due to the fact that it will probably run (especially if you go out into the rain). Also if you sleep with it in it will probably end up all over your face / pillow case.

But who cares! This product is amazing. So you should all go out and buy one now if, like me, you want to experiment with hair colour, but don't want anything too drastic or permanent.

Thanks for reading guys!



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